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Buenos Aires to Cusco

Buenos Aires to Cusco is perhaps one of the best known routes through the very heart of South America. It is commonly known as the “Gringo trail” and over the past 30 years as backpackers have discovered South America it has become more and more popular. Chimu Adventures offers a fantastic 21 day tour along this route which can be customised to suit you! Check out Buenos Aires to Cusco tours here for details!.

The route starts in Buenos Aires and winds its way up to Iguacu falls. One of the worlds largest waterfalls. In fact it is not one waterfall, but hundreds. A spectacular site in a fantastic setting Iguacu falls is one of the “must sees” in South America.

From Iguacu we travel to Salta, in the Northwestern frontier of Argentina. Salta is a legendary city to travelers. With its colonial heritage buildings in the middle of the wild desert hills it is reminicent of a wild west movie set. The imposing cactus  trees and red canyons and sands add to the appeal of this Argentinean frontier town. The San Antonio de los Cobres and the Salinas Grandes salt flats are other highlights of this region.

From Salta we move accross the Bolivian border at Villazon and into Bolivia. Bolivia is blessed with some of the most amazing scenery in South America. Much of the country is above 4000m above sea level, and to the east of the Andes lies the Bolivian Amazon. It is a land of contrasts, Bolivia is also South America’s poorest country with no access to the sea. From Villazon we travel to the incredible Salar de Uyuni – The legendary Salt plains with coloured lagoons, vast salt deserts and an amazing array of wildlife including the pink flamingo. On our “Gringo trail” tour we spend a few days here and then move onto La Paz, at 4200m above sea level it is bound to take your breath away!

Lake Titicaca is the next destination. the mysterious lake is the world’s highest navigable lake and nco3800m above sea level. The first Inca, Manco is said to have arisen from the lake and from this miraculous birth went on to unite the ancient peoples of South America into the Inca empire, with its capital in the next destination, Cusco.

Cusco has long been a centre for travelers. The heart of the Inca empire, all Inca roads lead to Cusco and via these paths or Inca trails the Inca transported food, people, their armies and messages. It was an incredible feat of infrastructure and evidence of this can still be seen today. Cusco is home to many original Inca ruins, as well as magnificient Spanish colonial mansions. Museums and markets abound and there is something to entice every traveler. From Cusco we visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including Pisac and Ollayantambo amongst other sites.

Whilst the tour ends in Cusco, it is also possible to extend the tour to the magnificent Inca trail, and Chimu Adventures can help with your Inca trail bookings and reservations. There is a permit system in place by the Peruvian authorities, and booking well in advance for the Inca trail is best advised. If not up to the Inca trail, we have a host of other tours that may appeal, visit Chimu Adventures for more details. This tour can also be done from Cusco to Buenos Aires, depending on your itinerary we can change this for you.